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The 8th of March. Everybody likes it very much. Friends usually come on that day. New Year is the much awaited celebration for the people of Britain. Traditionally people exchange presents on this night or early in the morning and wish each other a prosperous and happy New Year. The first-foot was supposed to bring gifts of money, bread or cake, coal or salt as these were considered lucky. Другие материалы из раздела Топики по английскому языку.

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Even the countries with different dates for New Year, such as Israel, China, acknowledge the global festival of January 1st. Chinese people traditionally celebrate New Year between 21 of January and 21st of February. Jewish people celebrate it in September and call it Rosh Hashanah.

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There are other variations in dates in different countries. However, everyone celebrates this holiday festively and joyfully. One of the common traditions for most countries is to watch a parade or fireworks at midnight.


Traditionally people exchange presents on this night or early in the morning and wish each other a prosperous and happy New Year. So many countries, so many traditions. If in Russia people associate New Year with snow and fir-trees, Australians go on a picnic or to the beach to celebrate this day, as they have warm weather and comfortable temperature.

Thai New Year, which falls on April 13th, comes with water festival, known as Songran. Использовать для каких-либо целей материалы данного сайта можно только с письменного разрешения владельцев! По всем вопросам, замечаниям, предложениям, в том числе по рекламе обращайтесь: paulday mail.

Быть гражданином - не профессия. В Англии Новый год не такой большой праздник, он не так популярен.

Сравнение 8 школ английского по скайпу, год! Preferably the male visitor would be a young, handsome, dark-haired, healthy male. A blonde, a red-haired or a woman are not allowed to enter the house first as they are supposed to bring bad luck. This is because a dark-haired man in ancient times would have been regarded as a fellow Scotsman, and therefore to be deemed safe, whereas a fair haired or red headed man could have been a Viking and therefore potentially a dangerous enemy.

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The first-foot was supposed to bring gifts of money, bread or cake, coal or salt as these were considered lucky. The bread and cake was to ensure that the household did not go hungry during the coming year, the coal was to ensure that the house would be warm throughout the year and the salt was said to bestow wealth, as salt used to be a rare and precious commodity. In Scotland the New Year celebrations are known as Hogmanay. Hogmanay has its origins in pagan times, an ancient time when the people would hold festivals for the sun and fire in the middle of the winter, to help them go through the cold hard times and to encourage the warmth and the longer days to return in the spring.

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On the day of Hogmanay, 31st December, traditionally the house would be cleaned throughout so that the New Year would be welcomed into a pristine, tidy home. It is regarded as very bad luck to welcome the New Year into a dirty and untidy house! A New Year Resolution is a commitment to change a habit or engage in a healthier lifestyle.

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However, many of these resolutions, made in a flush of alcohol and partying, are not kept for very long and are apt to be repeated year after year! New Year celebrations in Britain is a colorful affair and is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Midnight parties, lavish meals, champagnes, music, dance and fireworks are the important parts of New Year in Britain.

It is the biggest night-out of the year. The parade starts at noon walking down the streets via Whitehall, Pall Mall and finishing in Berkley square.

So many countries, so many traditions. Очень многие люди ложатся спать до двенадцати часов на Новый год. Обычно в этот день приходят друзья. Старому году также посвящают подробные репортажи в СМИ, например, на телевидении и в газетах.

At midnight they also go out into the streets and squares. In London people go to the Trafalgar Square.

New Year In Britain. Новый год в Британии

In this square they see a great tree brightly decorated with little lamps. When the largest clock of London — Big Ben — begins to strike twelve, the people in the square join their hands and sing.

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They also wish a Happy New Year to each other. New Year is one of the favourite holidays for many people in Great Britain. Первое января, Новый год, это большой праздник в Шотландии. Шотландцы празднуют Новый год в каждой семье.

Обычно в этот день приходят друзья. Они имеют хороший обед. После обеда - яблоки и другие фрукты, а также различные сладости. Champagne is the drink that symbolizes celebration and it is often served for the midnight toast.

Many people make New Year resolutionsgive up bad habits or plan for future.

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Праздники — это очень приятные дни, потому что это дни, когда люди не работают, а отдыхают, встречаются с друзьями, дарят подарки, и говорят добрые слова людям, которых любят. Новый год — один из таких праздников. Новогодние празднества начинаются 31 декабря и длятся до раннего утра 1 января. Новый год — большой праздник. Все его очень любят. Особенно этот праздник любят дети.

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